How much does it cost to hire you to photograph our wedding? 

A couple’s investment varies based on their coverage needs and whether they desire a second photographer or products like wedding albums or canvases. That said, I know how annoying it is to visit a wedding vendor's website and have no idea where they stand, even ballpark. For wedding photography, I start at $3,150, and the majority of couples invest around $4000. All my packages include unlimated personal usage rights (so you can print or post as much as you please). For elopements or intimate weddings, daytime City Hall weddings, and mid-week weddings, I’m happy to provide a custom quote to best suit your needs.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes, absolutely! I am insured with Hill & Usher’s Package Choice plan, one of the best plans out there for professional photographers. Has you venue asked you to provide proof of insurance for the vendors you hire? They're always very pleased with my plan's coverage amounts.


Do you use professional gear and bring back-ups on the wedding day?

I bring back-ups for my back-ups! I own two Canon 5D Mark IV camera bodies and a third Mark III body, and my gear bag is filled with professional grade Canon L series lenses of various focal lengths, both prime and zoom, to achieve the look I want. I use off-camera flash (four Canon 600 series flashes for the camera fans out there) to create dynamic, vibrant reception photos, especially after dark when the dancing starts. I want you to feel the mood of your reception- not look like you were in a dark cave!


Do you sometimes work with a second photographer?

Yes, and they're all professional photographers themselves. For larger weddings, ones with spread-out locations, or venues where a second angle would be amazing, I have a circle of trusted, talented, and professional photographers that I work with regularly.


I’m not sure I want a second photographer- are you comfortable working alone?

Yes, especially for small or medium sized weddings. I would be happy to show you the galleries of weddings where all of the images were taken by me alone to give you an idea of how I can work quickly and unobtrusively during a ceremony to capture different angles.